It starts with a question
‘most of people who are acquainted with the work
try to understand the intention of the work through vague reasoning,
but do they really understand and communicate with the work?’

The art, as a symbolic product that expresses human emotion,
has a character of a nonverbal mode of communication.

Even when there is no specific explanation for the work,
it is possible to share my thought with others through the art and
to have indirect experience of other culture and understand it.

Brand TVOBT shares the artist’s work.
The public passes a stage of indirect experience and
understanding of the work,
The public receives new vision or inspiration from various artist’s work.

Furthermore, Brand TVOBT would like to set up the place
where the public could interact with artists together in order to
contribute to the development of a social culture.



MON-FRI AM 10:00~PM 6:00